L'Invitée Deborah Calmeyer

L'Invitée Deborah Calmeyer

This Fall we put a spotlight on a woman who inspires us. Our guest this month is ROAR AFRICA founder and CEO Deborah Calmeyer. She tells us more about the jewelry that she wears and where she travels to escape.

Haute Victoire: What is your first memory of jewelry?

Deborah: I suppose playing with my mother and grandmother’s pearls as a child. I always felt the touch extremely soothing. I was an outdoorsy child who grew up surrounded by horses - and a rescued lion - on a farm in Zimbabwe; jewelry was a rarity and felt very precious to me.

Nowadays what inspires your jewelry purchases?

Beyond my everyday cherished pieces like my Rolex Explorer watch and my Haute Victoire Roman Coin Solar Necklace that I wear on every flight - it's my protector and guardian when I travel and brings me sunshine wherever I may fly -
I love to buy unique, handmade pieces. I don’t have a lot of jewellery but when I see a piece that speaks to me and I consider it a work of art, I will buy it, especially if a woman designed it. I have a very decisive eye. I know immediately if I love something or not; and I really love supporting women.

When it’s time to relax, where do you like to go?

Africa of course... the Kenyan coast and my safari home away from home at Segera, or Pamushana in Zimbabwe and my place in Cape Town. I also love the seclusion and unspoiled desert island of North Island, Seychelles.

What essentials do you carry in your travel bag?

Bowers and Wilkens headphones to drown out the noise, Valmont moisturizing booster, back up power pack, eye mask and a shawl.

Tell us about your book, African Adventures: The Greatest Safari on Earth, just published by Assouline.

I was thrilled that Assouline chose The Greatest Safari on Earth, a specialist ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet trip that immerses guests in four of Africa’s most iconic wildlife experiences in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda, for their first-ever book on safari. This is Africa, unlike anything you've ever seen.

Merci Deborah !