Love from India

Love from India

As a designer I have wanted to travel to India since a long time. India is a country of many gods, magnificent monuments, artisanship passed down through many generations and is a haven for yoga practitioners like myself. India feels familiar with its similar Islamic architecture to Morocco and to Indonesia with its Hindu traditions - two countries I lived in growing up. But visiting India was also a discovery of man's oldest traditions and a history of decorative arts where so much remains unchanged. 


Indian Interiors 

Nowhere else in the world are colors and bold statements used in interiors like in India. Indians are fiercely individualistic people and they abhor homogeneity. They build to express themselves and they don't shy of rich and ornate decors left for posterity or more humble expressions but still stamped with uniqueness and individuality. 

Indian Life

Though it was my first trip to India and there is so much more to discover, learn and be baffled by, I have been profoundly touched by their warm smiles, 
stories and jokes, generosity and welcoming invitations. Despite the harsh life that many endure, the crowded and chaotic cities, and an unjust caste system, they still celebrate life as if so much has been provided to them and more is to come.

The Observatories


When I first saw one of the few observatories in Delhi, Jaipur, Benares, Ujjain and Mathura built in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Sigh, I was astounded by it. My mind couldn't grasp that these abstract, modern and geometrical shapes were centuries old ! The cosmic architecture in India is not to be missed and no surprise that it inspired Le Corbusier himself.


Hand Craftsmanship


Under the Mughal patronage, block printing flourished in India. The process of hand wood carving, the preparation of natural dyes and the labour-intensive technique of block printing is sure to capture your attention. I like to see that when so many things are dominated by machinery and mass production, hand craftsmanship is still widely used.



Au revoir India, I will carry you in my dreams and one day I will return.