Love from Tangier

Love from Tangier
"One belongs to the whole world, not just one part of it." Paul Bowles.
Tangier, the most international city of Morocco, has embraced for centuries diverse cultures, western dominations and rich influences. Its history and people are an example of diversity and tolerance, which speaks to my heart the most. Its beauty which is behind hidden doors, on a corner of a street in the old Kasbah and in its lush gardens puts a spell on my imagination and nourishes my creativity.


Yves Saint Laurent's old home in Tangier has been recently transformed by British designer, Jasper Conran, into the most exquisite guest rooms. Surrounded by a magical garden with views on the Mediterranean sea and a pool carved in a block of stone, the stay at Villa Mabrouka brought me back to the times when Paul Bowles was strolling the streets of the old Kasbah and YSL was designing his next collection.

The Kasbah


The old town of Tangier, the Kasbah, was founded by the Carthaginian in the 4th century B.C. The Romans would turn it into the capital of the Maurétanie Tingitane and around 700 A.D. Tangier became muslim. The Spanish and Portuguese would rule the city until handing it to the British in 1661. Two decades later the Cherifian Alaouite empire took control of the city until the early 20th century when it would become a French protectorat. In 1925 Tangier became an international zone until 1956, when Morocco gained its independence.

The Museum Of the Makhzen



Built in 1684, the "Makhzen" or the palace of the sultan became a museum in early 20th century. It holds an exhibition of Roman vestiges, as well as, Arab, Portuguese and Spanish artifacts telling the history of Tangier.


I recommend El Morocco Club for drinks and dinner situated in the old Kasbah and Hammadi for a full Moroccan dining experience. Don't miss the small antique dealers and tasting Moroccan delicacies while drinking mint tea.

The surroundings of Tangier are also beautiful to discover, schedule a lunch in the gardens of Villa Josephine in the Vieille Montagne neighborhood or at the Mirage hotel, with magnificent views on the Atlantic shore.

Tangier is a travel in time and has captured artists imaginations over centuries.