Why Sardinian Coral is so Desirable

Why Sardinian Coral is so Desirable
This spring during my visit to Rome and Florence, I was delighted to experience the beauty and value of Sardinian coral in Art.
My love for coral, expressed in Haute Victoire jewelry, was aroused by the multiple expressions of this ancient culture and its mythologies. 
The use of Sardinian coral goes back to Greek and Roman culture. Ancient Romans believed coral calmed the oceans and would protect infants against evil spirits. Early paintings and frescos would depict children adorned with coral branches and amulets hanging from chains and worn as talismans.
Coral (name is of Greek origin) is an organic gemstone found in a branching structure built by small living animals. It is praised for its color and shape. Unworked coral is dull but when polished it reveals its luster and color.

Victorian Coral Beads & Pearl Lariat

The most desired corals are the orange-red corals (Sardegan), light red to salmon corals (Momo), tender pink corals (Angel Skin or Peau d'Ange) and the ox-blood corals (Moro) which is the highest praised of all.

Antique Coral, Horn & Pearl Necklace


Production of coral is increasingly controlled by environmental laws and in some areas its harvest is no longer allowed.
At Haute Victoire we care about the origin of the pieces and how our jewelry is made. We carefully choose our coral from existing antique and vintage provenance and responsibly sourced Sardinian coral. 

Vintage Coral, Twisted Gold Choker