Why Ebony is so Desirable

Why Ebony is so Desirable
Exotic wood has fascinated the kings of Europe for centuries but it's not until the early 20th century when the French Maisons turned to exotic wood that Ebène de Macassar was embraced in precious jewelry. 

Art Deco Bracelets in Precious Wood, Lacquer and Metal

Because of its deep black color and hardness, beginning in the XII century, ebony was considered, in Europe, the most precious of woods and was used to craft small objects such as boxes, checks, and pommels.

1950-60 Enrico Serafini Exotic Wood, Diamond & Emerald Brooch 


The word ébène comes from the Latin ebenus, itself from the Greek ebenos. In Ancient Egypt named as hibnj, ebony was used in many precious objects.

Ebony, Rock Crystal, Sapphire & Chalcedony Necklace

"With the use of ebony, the traditional concept of what is precious is reimagined" says founder Yasmina Benazzou.
In her collection she pairs ebony with citrine, sapphire, coral, rock crystal, moon quartz and chalcedony.

Ebony, Coral & Citrine Necklace


Ebony, Antique Coral, Quartz Necklace