Why Persian Turquoise is so Desirable

Why Persian Turquoise is so Desirable
Turquoise gets its name from the French for "Turkish stone" as the azure semi precious stone was first transported from central Asian mines to Europe via the bazaars of Istanbul.

A perennial summer favorite, turquoise consists of a hydrous copper containing phosphate. Pure blue turquoise is rare and most stones found have dark veins running through them.
 Persian turquoise is recognizable by its sky-blue color thanks to its copper agent with the best quality gems being found in northeast Iran.

- Couleur de Ciel Rings & Bracelet -

Haute Victoire exclusively uses Persian Turquoise in our Couleur de Ciel collection. The cabochon cut is used for rings, necklaces and bracelets. Beads are used for necklaces and dangle earrings. Because turquoise is so porous it is recommended to remove rings before hands are washed and a change in color may occur by the influence of light, perspiration, oils, cosmetics and detergent.

- Farah Pahlavi -

The vintage style associated with iconic pieces from the 50's and 60's, highly praised in auctions, are an inspiration for Haute Victoire.

- Empress Soraya's suite of Persian Turquoise and diamonds -