Charm Gold Necklace with 17 charms

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Lucky charm, lucky you to own this colorful and unique necklace with seventeen playful, precious and organic charms.

  • 14k gold chain
  • 24k, 18k & 14k gold charm
  • Made-to-order (3-4 week)
  • Crafted in NYC
Description & Size

14k yellow gold chain with 17 charms. The central charm is a 14k yellow gold ram with a ruby eye.

On the left side from top to bottom: a natural Persian turquoise bead, silver & 24k gold skull with turquoise eyes, 18k gold heart, a baroque white pearl, a vintage malachite bead, a tan shell, a silver & 24k gold queen bee coin with diamond and a honeycomb jade key.

On the right side from bottom to top:  a 18k gold palm tree, a Sardinian red coral branch, a silver & 24k gold lion face,  a tan shell, a 14k gold Lune charm, a baroque white pearl, a silver & 24k gold hand with rubyand a black & white shell. The  size of the chain is 26" (66cm) long. 

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