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The Making of a Piece

The Making of a Piece

It began when Haute Victoire's founder, Yasmina Benazzou, acquired an antique gold chain that was just waiting to be paired with a pendant. She also discovered a late 1800's pin with an angel skin coral drop, the most precious of all corals. When she saw a beautiful cabochon of malachite of vivid green and concentric rings she knew it would perfectly pair with the pale coral and the antique gold chain.


First, a bezel is created to embrace the malachite cabochon. A wax mold is shaped into the perfect proportions to hold the malachite and the coral drop.


When the wax bezel is filed to its final shape, it is cast in gold.


Once the bezel is cast and the bail soldered, the malachite cabochon and the coral drop are set into the bezel.


Finally, the pendant is ready to be assembled to the antique gold chain.