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PRESS: LIFESTYLE Magazine by Clau Ribeiro | Strong Statements

PRESS: LIFESTYLE Magazine by Clau Ribeiro | Strong Statements
A year ago founder Yasmina Benazzou and Céline Kaplan became partners at Haute Victoire. Today they share with LIFESTYLE magazine -by Clau Ribeiro- how they met and how their love of jewelry brought them together to assure the success of Haute Victoire.

Strong Statements


"To all the uniqueness and artisan work of Haute Victoire jewelry is now added a partner and a creative director that will give us something to talk about."

“The designer, Yasmina Benazzou, infuses in the jewels of Haute Victoire her experiences from around the globe. Parisian at heart, Yasmina spent her childhood in Morocco and lived in Indonesia before studying fashion and accessories in the city of light, at L'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. After fifteen years, Yasmina moved to New York where she founded her dream brand and produces fine jewelry and collections crafted in 18k gold. The Haute Victoire pieces are unique, creative and reflect the complexity of artisanship and intuitive work."


"The good news is that Haute Victoire have gained a creative mind of weight to make its jewelry even more beautiful, public relations Céline Kaplan, owner of the namesake agency Céline Kaplan PR. A consummate traveler, Céline owns a client list that leaves any fashionista dead with envy. Yasmina initially sought out  Céline for the development of a PR strategy for Haute Victoire, and from that moment came the invitation for a deeper partnership: Céline, passionate about jewelry, a passion for new projects and always on the lookout for another diamond to cut and now the new creative director of the brand. If you can wear it, there's something good out there for you! "

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