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Haute Victoire Celebrates Love

Haute Victoire Celebrates Love
Haute Victoire celebrates its first Valentine's day with malachite heart pendants on gold chain. 
Why malachite? Haute Victoire's founder, Yasmina Benazzou, recently travelled to Namibia where malachite is mined. "Malachite has alway been one of my favorite opaque stones. The deep green color and the banding of light and dark zones of the malachite make a piece of jewelry stand out", says Yasmina. 
Malachite was popular in ancient times and was used for jewerlry, amulets and as a powder for eye shadow. These malachite heart pendants with gold chains, hand-carved in Namibia, are a celebration of love.
3% of the proceeds will go to the Lower East Side Girls Club art program.

- A Rough Piece of Malachite -